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Welcome to Hell.

on Sat Apr 22, 2017 5:05 pm
Hello and welcome to final humanity. I will give you the story of this RP with the timeline.

4/31/17: Tensions with the United States and North Korea went to an all time high. A nuclear missile was launched from NK to hit off the coast of California. The nuke exploded in the pacific destroying many vessels. This was just a show of power by NK to scare the US.

5/3/17: The United States and its allies declare war on North Korea and its allies.

5/21/17: North Korea invades South Korea using chemical weapons.

5/30/17: The US mobilized 200,000 troops and sent them off to South Korea. Heavy casualties from both sides.

6/5/17: The battle for Seoul ends with neither side winning.

6/10/17: Russia turns on the United States severing all ties with the government.

6/15/17: Russian and North Korean troops overwhelm the US soldiers.

6/20/17: South Korea was lost.

6/23/17: North Korea, Russia and China mount an offensive on the United States, Canada and Mexico.

6/27/17: California is taken along with the west coast. The United States called back its army to the US for defense.

6/30/17: President Trump addresses the west coast crisis.

7/1/17: The newly formed Asian Continental Powers move on the south.

7/4/17: US troops defend Texas from the ACP. Texas citizens assisted the army. The citizens chanted Don't mess with Texas. ACP troops were defeated and pushed to Nevada.

7/7/17: Area 51 was assaulted by ACP tanks. In an effort to not let the ACP have classified documents, US troops set of a tactical nuke destroying Area 51.

7/11/17: ACP assaulted the Midwest. They took Chicago and Detroit. The US response is with a new type of tank with a railgun and heavy armor. It destroyed ACP tanks almost instantly.

7/13/17: With the battles going on, the cold war fear of nuclear annihilation was back. The US took back the Midwest and Nevada.

7/20/17: ACP troops pull out of the US. All was silent between them. The US Allies in Europe fought with Russia.

7/31/17: The world went into full panic when Russia nuked the UK, Germany, France causing a surrender of other US allies.

8/13/17: At 11:00 AM PST, NORAD detected Nuclear ICBMs coming from North Korea, China and Russia inbound for the United states. Nuclear Sirens wailed as the world went into a panic. At 12:00 PM PST, The US fired most of its nuclear missiles to China, Russia and North Korea. At 12:30 PM PST, the first nuclear detonation had hit Los Angles. The next ones hit major population centers. President Trump was rushed to his shelter but was too late when the nuke hit Washington, DC. Then the firing stopped. Europe and a good chunk of Asia was annihilated. The world's governments have fallen. Everything was irradiated. Everything was dead. Only few survived.

4/12/18: Humans struggled to survive against mutants and bandits. People worked hard to survive. Most people lived underground. People built greenhouses on the surface and were able to grow small crops.

How will you change the wasteland?
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